Why a Wedding Website makes life easier for you and your guests?

A wedding website is the best way to keep your guests informed and to keep track of your guest confirmations.

It is especially helpful for your guests as you can include important information such as addresses, transportation and program details. A wedding website will save you time by answering the most common questions such as your wedding theme, dress code and timings. It also gives you the opportunity to provide any specific recommendations.

Having your wedding planner create your website is a great advantage because they have the insider tips on accommodation, transport, schedules and meeting points. It also means that guests can contact your wedding planner directly if needed, about possible surprises, speeches or special requests.

In one click you can see the names and numbers of the guests who have replied to your invitation, view their menu choices and make note of any allergies and dietary requirements.


My wedding website 



Here are my wedding website must haves, that will ensure your website becomes a comprehensive resource for you and your guests:

Of course, every wedding website indicates the date and ceremony start time, however, for a destination wedding in Ibiza this isn’t nearly enough info!

More logistics are involved, a whole wedding timeline, meeting points and timings for arranged transports, pre/post wedding events, as well as confirmations or deadlines.

Keep in mind, that your guests are planning a whole holiday to be part of your wedding celebration. A professional schedule is very important, to make sure your guests arrive on time and book the right flight and accommodation dates.

For many of your guests it may be their first time visiting Ibiza, to make sure it is as enjoyable as possible, make it easy for them to find all of your selected locations. I recommend adding online maps, exact addresses, contact details and directions.

The same goes for any other pre or post-wedding event, and a few photos might make everyone even more excited about your celebration.


Hotel Recommendations

I find it very helpful to provide your family and friends with different accommodation tips. Again, your wedding planner can be a great help to recommend the right accommodation close to the wedding venue and to include options that attract all budgets. Direct links will make it quick and easy and I am sure your guests will appreciate your help and feel taken care of, ready to enjoy their stay.

A few extra recommendations, such as hair and make up will be another positive add on.


Ibiza Guidance

Make your wedding destination more attractive by adding sightseeing tips, beaches, shops, parties and restaurant links. Car rental, taxi and emergency numbers are incredibly useful, and a weather forecast can help them to pack suitable outfits. If you have some active friends among your guests, we can add sport possibilities or yoga and spa treatments. Ibiza is a real holiday paradise and your guide will show them the reason why you chose this beautiful island as your wedding destination.

Avoid the question about wedding gifts by adding a gift section to your website. As it is a destination wedding, most of your guests are paying for their flights and accommodation, which usually compensates the traditional wedding gift. Another reason to add gift information is, you might not have enough space to fly back with several gifts in your suitcase and might simply ask for “no boxed gifts”. I am happy to help you with the right wording and wedding etiquette to cover this subject in a professional way and to avoid confusions among your guests.

This section is probably another reason why most of the couples decide on a wedding website. Especially if you invite a large number of guests, this option will be your biggest time saver. With one click you can keep track of your invites and attendees, set deadlines, or quickly send reminders to awaiting responses. If your celebration is spread out over more than one or two days, you can easily keep track of the number of guests that are attending on each day.


Your Story, hashtag and photos

Of course, it is possible to add extra sections to make your website even more attractive - by adding your own Instagram hashtag or a section for you and your guests to share wedding photos or videos. Together we can create a platform, which will keep your wedding alive before and after your wedding day.

If you would like more advice or want to know more about my wedding websites, please feel free to contact me.