Modern Minimalist Look

2018 isn’t screaming for more, in fact the minimalist look is coming back and once again, less is more.
Modern, clean, simple and cool are probably the most common words associated with the trending minimalistic wedding theme. Natural light, simple elegant decor and modern geometric shapes make it a stylish event, with the emphasis on details.
I love the fact that you can combine this look in different ways depending on your wedding venue and season.

Here are some examples how to create or to combine the modern minimalist look for your wedding:


Fine art minimalist

Megan Robinson Photography


White and pastel accents are the classic variation


All white with flowers in accent colours give a very young and fresh look

Tifani Lyn Photography


Soft, clean, floaty and smooth fabrics - in style, suitable for a summer wedding on Ibiza


A popular modern minimalist cake

Hanna Photography


If you choose a countryside venue or like the rustic vibe, it’s possible to mix and match these elements